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May  2022   Issue Vol. 54  No. 5 

TRENDS: NFTs – Not Frivolous Tech
A web search for ‘non-fungible token’ or NFT throws back endless news about limited-edition virtual sneakers, digital art, memes, tweets, and trading cards being sold for unrealistic prices. But NFT means much more. It is serious tech with extremely great potential in the digital and physical worlds. Here is what you need to know about NFTs and their applications

FUTURE: Essentials Of A Battery Management System
We take our batteries for granted and often misuse them, unknowingly. But there is much that goes behind designing a battery and, especially, its management system, without which it can run amuck. Read on to find out how the battery management systems are designed
TRENDS: Agricultural Robots: The Next-Gen Farmers
Agriculture is the base of our survival, the source of what we consume. Traditionally, agriculture has been a ‘manned’ sector. But of late challenges in the form of labour shortage threaten its very survival. So, should agriculture finally give up its stubbornness and adopt technology? Let us find out
INTERVIEW: “Voltx.ai Is A Productivity Suite For Battery Designers...A Free Version Is Available” — Anton Doos, CEO, Voltx.ai
EFY chanced upon Voltx.ai, a firm that claims to offer an innovative design tool for battery designers, and spoke to Anton Doos, the CEO, to understand the tool better and their revenue strategy
CIRCUIT: Imaging Sensor Technology And The Latest Developments
The camera technology has come a long way. Recently, a salt-grain size camera was built that could capture high-quality images. Smartphone manufacturers are planning to use bigger sensors, AI, and high-quality lenses to improve camera capabilities
EMBEDDED: AI Hardware That’s Tailored For Computer Vision
Neural networks, AI, ML, and neuromorphic computing are technologies that are actually ways to make machines behave more like humans! Similarly, computer vision focuses on imitating the complex human vision system and leveraging it in applications
CIRCUIT IDEA: Multi-User Call Bell For Up To Nine Persons
This unique but simple call bell can be used to call an office boy or a help at home from up to nine different places. Besides ringing, it shows the number of caller’s room or place from where the call is being made
PROJECT: Remote Controlled MP3 Player With FM Radio
Have you ever considered making an audio system at home? Building your own audio system can not only be fun and exciting, it can give you the same performance, if not better, at a much lesser cost. This inexpensive do-it-yourself (DIY) remote controlled MP3 player cum FM receiver with Bluetooth can be made, including its cardboard box, with easily available components and tools
PROJECT: First Ever Finger-Size Full-Touch E-Ink Phone
Phones are getting smarter and complex with many functions that most of us find difficult to use. The modern smartphone uses either backlight display or an OLED display that can harm our eyes on prolonged use. You may have wondered how phones are designed and whether you could make your own smartphone
PROJECT: Low-Cost Automation Using PIC16F676
There are many types of home and industrial automation systems available in the market. These include IR remote controller, Bluetooth home automation, DTMF home automation, Wi-Fi home automation, RF home automation, and voice controlled home automation. The one presented here is a low-cost automation system. It can be used at home or in an industrial environment to switch devices on and off
PROJECT: Smart SOS Device That Raises Alarm And Sends Location
This project aims to develop a wearable safety and alarming device that can be operated easily, especially by children and senior citizens when in distress. It may come handy as the world is constantly witnessing increase in the number of criminal activities. Senior citizens living alone are vulnerable to panic situations due to safety reasons or, sometimes, a medical condition. This device can send an SOS call and simultaneously raise an alarm, if needed
Innovation: Beyond The 4Ps Of Innovation
If you were offered a carbonated drink in a glass, what are the chances that you could easily identify whether it was Coca Cola or Pepsi? Would you even care? Well, hold on to that thought as we talk about several types of innovations first
MANUFACTURING: Pick And Place Machine Selection Made Easy
If you are planning to purchase a new pick and place machine for your manufacturing unit, here are a few insights from experts that could help you select the best machine for your specific requirement
AUTOMATION: India Semiconductor Mission: India Needs To Do Enough To Sit On The World Table
The government’s strong foot forward with regards to the semiconductor space was a much-needed move and, although late, it is expected to herald the golden era of the electronics industry of the country
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May 2022
Issue Vol. 54 No. 5

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